Are you properly leveraging the power of eCommerce for B2B?

By Gareth Mason

Designer & Web Developer

April 2024

Great for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, eCommerce is a handy resource to manage B2B clients/customers in one central portal on your site.

What is eCommerce for B2B?

It’s common knowledge that eCommerce is great for B2C, direct-to-customer businesses looking to sell their solutions. But, have you considered how you could use eCommerce to manage B2B purchasing?


Using eCommerce, you can provide your customers with a flexible, unique customer portal where they can benefit from:

  • Buyer roles & permissions
    Set specific roles and permissions (e.g. Employee A can prepare an order but Employee B must approve it).
  • Repeatable orders
    Reorder and tweak as required easily.
  • Special rates
    Long-term customers have better pricing than new customers? No problem! Customer A can pay different rates than Customer B.
  • Masquerading
    Customers having trouble? Log in on their behalf to access shopping lists and quotes, add products to the cart and place their order for them.
  • Instant messaging
    With direct messaging, clients can still easily reach you and get personal support as required.
  • Quoting & invoicing
    Get flexibility without paid add-ons with built-in payment methods and quoting options. 
  • Multiple shopping lists
    Customers can create multiple shopping lists to save and purchase your products. Great for customers who have more than one location or department.

Why should I use eCommerce for B2B purchasing?


Are you still relying heavily on your team to manually place customer orders?

Creating an eCommerce portal to handle your online order enables your team to spend less time doing the menial, everyday ordering and focus on what they do best—getting new business.

But our personal touch is what defines our service.’ 

A global survey of B2B buyers showed that 85% would turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their needs.

There will always be customers who want that personal touch, but there are also plenty who won’t.



  • The long-term client who doesn’t need support, they just need to place an order
  • The client who places repeat orders
  • The client in a different timezone or who wants to place orders out of business hours
  • The client delegating purchase ordering to their team

eCommerce can help you provide the right level of service for all of your clients.

Here are some other benefits to weigh up:

  • Provide a unified customer experience
  • Less disruption if your sales team/staff leave
  • Better account management
  • Enhanced security
  • Less manual processes for improved productivity
  • Integrate B2B eComm with your ERP, CRM, PIM systems
  • Maximise results, minimise costs
  • Business scalability


How do I implement B2B eCommerce?

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