Set the right goals for your 2024 marketing strategy

It’s that time of the year when we’re (most of us) trying to eat fewer snacks, exercise more, and set some personal goals. Are you taking that same…

Brighter Together—A recap of CoBright’s 2023

With a rebrand, new staff joining the team, winning a Business Excellence Award, and more, it’s safe to say this year has been eventful, so here is a…

AI Photography - Can We Trust AI-Generated Pictures?

With AI tools becoming more sophisticated, it’s easier now for content creators to produce photographic-quality images quickly, breaking down barriers…

The Power of Your Customer Database

A customer database is the backbone of effective marketing strategies, customer engagement, and long-term business success.

How Domain Names Impact SEO

To test the impact of domain names on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), we created a whole new website, 'Web Design Toowoomba'. Here's what we…

Canva vs Graphic Designer

Working in a creative industry like marketing, I thought I was given an easy assignment when I was challenged to create a flyer using Canva to see how…

CoBright Wins at Business Excellence Awards

This month, we were announced as the winners of the largest category of the 2023 Focus HR Business Excellence Awards.

Why Use Google Shopping Ads For Your Business

With shoppers looking to eCommerce more than ever before, it’s important to understand how best to promote your products to online shoppers.

Upgrade Your Website Hosting Infrastructure With Cloudflare

We use Cloudflare's proxy server for DDoS protection, SSL certificates, IP protection, & speed optimisation.

A Brief Guide To Event Marketing

So, you have an event planned. Great! How are you going to promote it?

Gareth’s 20 Years in Web Design

For more than 20 years, Gareth has been pushing his creativity and technical knowledge to new horizons designing and developing websites.

Our Leyburn Sprints 2023

That's a wrap on the Historic Leyburn Sprints for another year!