JR Advisory Group

Toowoomba, Australia

JR Advisory Group is a mortgage broker that assists clients to secure home, car, investment and business loans and other financing needs.

JR Advisory Group were after a website that gave them a strong web presence while also marketing their professional service. 

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Really happy with the result and the feedback has been fantastic.

Thanks, CoBright! 

Justin Reisinger, JR Advisory Group

The Challenge

With a large number of brokers in Toowoomba and being a new business, JR Advisory Group understood they needed a website that positioned them apart from a competitive market.

To achieve this, JR knew that they needed a website that stood out from other finance professionals while reflecting the professional and personal service JR provides.

The Solution

Starting with an in-depth discovery meeting to understand JR’s unique value, CoBright discovered that as a finance broker, building trust was pivotal for JR.

We found that many other finance brokers did not feature people on their site and often felt impersonal. To make JR shine, it was important to show him and the experience of working with him.

To highlight JR’s personal service, CoBright organised a videographer and photographer to interview JR and show him at work. This video and imagery was incorporated throughout the site—putting a face to the name and helping build trust before a client even picks up the phone.

Our designers furthered this welcoming feel by utilising animation, a friendly font, and striking colours throughout the site.

The Outcome

Taking the time to get to know the people behind the brand, CoBright built a website that reflects JR’s approachable nature while maintaining a professional tone.

By marketing the people rather than the business, the new website gives users a positive first impression of JR Advisory and the experience you receive when you work with them. Focusing on JR’s personal approach gives the business a unique marketable edge in a competitive market.

JR Advisory now has a unique website that reflects their unique value in the market and anchors their business efforts.

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