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Statim provides innovative healthcare workforce solutions for nurses, clinicians, healthcare facilities and providers.

CoBright designed and developed a new website to help Statim establish an online presence for the business.

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The Challenge

As a new enterprise, Statim understood they needed a website to have a digital presence, but they didn’t have the time while they were establishing their business. 

With most of their focus on setting up their business, Statim realised they needed an agency that could work independently to build their website and we were recommended as the agency to do that. 

The content for Statim’s website needed to be clear and concise while also engaging to their primary stakeholders: healthcare professionals looking for employment and healthcare services looking to commission Statim’s services.

The Solution

We worked collaboratively with Statim to identify their unique value proposition which identified Statim’s intended audiences and helped guide the site’s content curation. 

Being a new venture, Statim only had their logo for branding which our inhouse team of designers used to develop a visual language for the website. Operating in the healthcare industry, the website’s design needed to be sensible while also appealing to nurses and healthcare providers. 

For the website to service Statim’s target audiences, we integrated the foundU online booking platform, allowing clients to commission Statim’s workforce. This online platform also allows Statim’s staff to see what shifts are available, giving them greater control of their work life.

The Outcome

With their new website, Statim now has an accessible online booking system which makes it easier for healthcare providers to commission Statim’s services. 

Integrating the foundU booking platform on Statim’s new site allowed for partnered healthcare facilities to post upcoming shifts, allowing for Statim’s nurses and allied health workers to view and accept shifts easily. 

By integrating the foundU platform, Statim’s healthcare professionals can now choose shifts that work with their professional and personal schedules. 

Since the launch of their new website, Statim has been able to increase the number of services they provide, extending the scope of their business.

CoBright’s team definitely know their content and have been very helpful in pulling this together.

– William Mundt, Statim Director

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