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Automate your business workflows, processes, campaigns, customer journeys, and more with Zoho

The Zoho platform and its 40+ enterprise-level applications enable organisations to streamline and automate customer and business processes, including:

  • Contact lists & segments
  • Sales pipelines
  • Marketing coordination
  • Customer support
  • Finance
  • Documentation
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Business intelligence & analytics
  • Project management
  • No-code integrations
  • Event management


Why choose CoBright?

As proud, accredited Zoho partners, CoBright strategise and implement the Zoho One apps for you, with a strong focus on the Zoho CRM as the business core. 

We partner with Zoho as it delivers innovative business solutions and unique personalised support.

Our process includes:

  1. Consultation
    Our in-house, Toowoomba-based team works with you to understand what you need for your business to ensure Zoho is the right fit for your business. 
  2. Strategic system mapping
    Once we agree which apps from Zoho deliver the best results, we get to work planning workflows, automations, and processes—consulting with you at every stage.  We can deliver complex solutions, or build simple sales pipelines.
  3. Build System
    We use what we have taken from the strategic mapping exercises and work with your team to build databases, modules and dashboards that visualise and automate the agreed work processes.
  4. Integration
    Now you have Zoho, we’ll need it to integrate to your other software, such as your EMS, M365, website, and more. Or, keep your apps within the Zoho suite with Zoho One and Zoho Creator. 
  5. Adoption 
    We work with you and Zoho to implement your CRM adoption strategy, and together offer training, troubleshooting, and optimise the workflows we have built for you.
  6. Support
    CRM’s are dynamic, like your business, and grow and change as you do. CoBright continues to support your Zoho environment and integrations after you go live, ensuring you always get the most out of Zoho.

Trust Queensland’s partner for Zoho consultation, strategy and implementation.

Talk to our team to see if Zoho if the right fit for your business.

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