David Janetzki, Member for Toowoomba South 

Toowoomba, Australia

Elected as the Member for Toowoomba South in 2016, David Jantezki MP currently serves as the Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Investment and Trade for the Liberal National Party. 

David Janetzki MP needed a website that stood out from other LNP candidates and show his unique value to the community.

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The Challenge

With an existing site with a similar template design and look to other LNP members, David needed a website that showed his point of difference and enabled local community members to understand who he is and what he stands for.

The website needed to act as an anchor for his other digital efforts, such as social media, and enable him to share his television and Parliamentary appearances.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with David Janetzki and his team, CoBright developed a unique website that focused on humanising David by showing his personality, experience, and values.

During our initial discovery process, it was found that engaging the local community and making them feel heard and involved was a priority. To facilitate this, our Designers incorporated a primary action throughout the site for users to engage with David and ‘have their say’.

Our team included a video blog on the site to house David’s numerous appearances in Parliament and on television, enabling the community to stay informed and watch the latest updates.

We also leveraged professional photography to showcase David out in the community and demonstrate his family values.

The Outcome

David Janetzki and his team now have an easy-to-update website that speaks to his unique value and enables him to stand out from other LNP candidates. The community can now easily understand who David is and what he stands for.

We continue to partner with the Member for Toowoomba South on a monthly basis by maintaining the website with the latest content, images, and video blogs. This enables David and his team to focus on the community, while we handle the site.

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