The Toowoomba Clinic

Toowoomba, Australia

An award-winning private mental health care hospital

The Toowoomba Clinic came to CoBright to design and develop a website that showcases its commitment to providing Toowoomba with quality mental health care.

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Within only weeks of the website going live, it is already earning its stripes with an enquiry coming through from a local psychiatrist who is interested in joining our team.

CoBright has nailed it.

Graham Higgins, Director, The Toowoomba Clinic

The Challenge

With 32 pages and clinical design and content, The Toowoomba Clinic’s existing website provided a poor and confusing user experience that didn’t highlight the state-of-the-art, award-winning mental health facility.

The new website needed to clearly show all of The Toowoomba Clinic’s offerings in a calming and easy-to-use manner while speaking clearly to its three audiences: patients, families, and practitioners. 

The Solution

Working collaboratively with The Toowoomba Clinic, CoBright developed the site’s content to condense the existing 32 pages by 50% to 16 pages, greatly improving the user experience.

We used clear points of entry and carefully curated copy to speak to the three customer types.

Using The Toowoomba Clinic’s existing brand video, we highlighted the facility and staff to give the site a friendly feel. We used earthy tones to ensure the website feels like a calming space.

The Outcome

The Toowoomba Clinic now has an elevated website that reflects its brand: state-of-the-art, personal, and informative.

CoBright integrated The Toowoomba Clinic’s existing videography and 3D facility tour to promote their award-winning facility.

The website’s layout is simple, welcoming, and easy to use.

The Toowoomba Clinic continues to work with CoBright for their Digital Marketing to attract Psychiatrists across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Great teamwork. Good understanding of our business needs. Great outcome.

Generating positive results within weeks.

I can highly recommend CoBright's knowledge of digital marketing.

Graham Higgins, Director, The Toowoomba Clinic

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