Sunset Superbowl


A Toowoomba-based bowling alley, arcade, and venue.

Sunset Superbowl came to CoBright to design and develop a website that showcases them as Toowoomba’s go-to for tenpin bowling, kids parties, arcades & more.

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We have been receiving a great response on our new website! 
It's very user friendly for booking a game, and also portrays exactly what we are...your one-stop destination for family fun.

Sunset Superbowl

The Challenge

Operating for over 25 years, Sunset Superbowl’s existing website had become outdated and didn’t reflect the size of the business. The site didn’t showcase their venue hire or give visitors a sense of the fun experience Sunset Superbowl offers.

The new website needed to clearly show all of Sunset Superbowl’s offerings in a fun, clear, and concise manner.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with Sunset Superbowl’s team, CoBright developed the site’s content to show the alley’s four key offerings: Parties, Leagues, Arcade and Bowling.

CoBright’s developers created a site design based on the action-packed, fun experience the Sunset Superbowl offers and our Content Specialists filled the site with punchy and fun content that spoke to Sunset Superbowl’s UVP and SEO requirements.

Our team also organised and incorporated professional photography and videography for a ‘show not tell’ experience, enabling users to ‘feel the fun’.

The Outcome

Sunset Superbowl now has an elevated website that reflects its brand—fun, bright, and exciting! CoBright built-in interactive ten pins that users can bowl over with their mouse, bright point of entry buttons, and lots of animation.

The website’s layout is clear and easy to use, integrating an Online Booking Platform and Live Competition Scoring to anchor the action.

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