Austasia Animal Products, ZinMet

Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia

Austasia Animal Products provide premium quality trace minerals and probiotics for beef and sheep industries, equine health, and dairy herds across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Austasia Animal Products reached out to CoBright looking for an agency to become the marketing arm of their business, carrying out its marketing efforts.

The Challenge

With Austasia’s staff looking after graphic design, marketing material, collateral, and social media, on top of their other responsibilities, Austasia’s marketing was getting pushed to the back of the to-do list.

Realising that they needed a marketing agency with a deep understanding of their products and the agriculture industry, Austasia was looking for a partner that could advise, strategise, and implement a marketing strategy to further its efforts.  

Knowing of CoBright’s ongoing relationship with Riverina Stockfeeds and other ag businesses, Austasia reached out to us to assist with their marketing strategy.

The Solution

Austasia Animal Products partnered with CoBright to develop and implement a marketing and communications strategy that would support its ZinMet product in the beef feedlotting industry, diversify its customer base into the dairy, poultry and sheep feedlotting industries, and expand its market penetration into the beef feedlots and feed millers.

Our team created a marketing and communications plan to assist the Austasia team with:

  • Generating content
  • Distributing content
  • Graphic design
  • Social media management
  • Event coordination
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Google Ads
  • Logo design
  • Customer stories

The Outcome

Working collaboratively with Austasia, the CoBright team have helped to implement a marketing strategy that delivers consistent marketing through social media, web updates, email marketing, merchandise, and more.

By delivering engaging, consistent and purposeful content with CoBright, Austasia has been able to get in front of the right audience and nurture relationships with its customers.

On behalf of Austasia, CoBright liaises with agricultural publications to develop and distribute print ads to promote Austasia’s products, driving traffic to the relevant pages.

We also have regular communication with Austasia customers, and through interviews and discussions, we create customer stories, where real people can describe how Austasia’s products have benefited their animals.  
Since partnering with CoBright, Austasia has been delivering consistent marketing material through social media, web updates, email marketing, merchandise, and a new logo.

Our team at CoBright are an integrated part of our business and is definitely what we, as a company, needed to promote us in the marketplace and step up our game. The weekly meetings are always great face-to-face meeting to work out strategies and campaign promotions that continue to challenge us as a company. All written material and artwork for promotional items are very professionally presented.

Paul LloydNational Business Manager,
Austasia Animal Products 

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