Toowoomba, Australia

Tanuki has been providing specialty fertiliser products and crop protection inputs for Australian horticulture and broadacre growers for over 20 years.

With three websites hosting different products and suppliers, Tanuki approached CoBright looking to consolidate their websites into one.

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The Challenge


Looking to stand out amongst its competitors, visually Tanuki did not want to look like a typical fertiliser and crop protection company. We needed to create an exciting and interactive website while incorporating their company character, Tuki.  The character’s symbolism needed to be showcased throughout the site as another point of difference for the brand. Along with this, the important task of consolidating three websites together, that were hosting different products and suppliers, took exceptional content and UX design to create.

The Solution


An innovative and dynamic website structure was created to enhance user experience with easy-to-follow tabs, clear content, and a vibrant design. The new website highlights their product range and capabilities through professional imagery with an extra emphasis on their team, showing that they are the local experts.

The Outcome


A website like no other fertiliser and crop protection company. As desired, Tanuki is a stand out amongst its competition, with a new website that meets the brief, including:

  • A fun and interactive site
  • Professional photography to display products and facilities 
  • SEO optimised
  • Fully customised design that enhances user experience
  • History timeline
  • A platform that informs and sells to not only clients, but other businesses for industry partnerships
  • Symbolisation of the Tanuki brand and Tuki, the company character


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