Toowoomba, Australia

Backed by 60 years of research, EcoInsects works with farmers and landowners to match them with the right dung beetles for their property and operation.

EcoInsects came to CoBright to design and develop a website to showcase how their range of dung beetles and other insect species packs improve pasture quality.

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The Challenge


Following a successful research initiative with DAFF and MLA, EcoInsects was formed to provide graziers with information about the benefits of dung beetles and packs of dung beetles specific to their region. 

With no existing website or brand awareness, EcoInsects needed a strong online presence with a simple yet concise overview of their history, dung beetle species range, and the benefits. 

The new website needed to show EcoInsects' approach to developing an on-farm strategy to provide graziers with the right beetles to suit their stock in a functional, eye-catching manner.

The Solution


Working collaboratively with the EcoInsects team, CoBright developed the site’s content to outline the dung beetle species identification process and the long-term benefits of investing in dung beetles for graziers. 

CoBright’s developers created a site design that was simple and clear to understand, incorporating bold, interactive elements that supported a simple user engagement and navigation experience across all pages. 

Following the design, our developers crafted an impressive interactive Dung Beetle ID Questionnaire and filter tool with a creative website footer. 

Incorporating an AI-crafted beetle for the front page banner with a selection of different dung species images throughout encapsulated the brand's essence. 

The Outcome


EcoInsects' new site is hosted with our robust Cloud hosting infrastructure that contains the latest security, scalability, and support capabilities, establishing the site’s reliability.

With its new SEO-optimised content, EcoInsects new site is searchable on Google and can also be used for Google ads, opening future possibilities for digital marketing.

The EcoInsects team now has an elevated website that reflects a strong brand identity that they can easily manage, providing them with the tools to adjust its website’s content in the future.

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