Upscale Carbon

Queensland and New South Wales

Upscale Carbon partners with farmers and graziers to undertake carbon farming projects on their land in rural Queensland and New South Wales.

After working with us on a previous project, Upscale Carbon knew CoBright was the right fit to elevate its website to reflect the growth of the carbon credits consulting business by developing a custom website that speaks to its rural audience.

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CoBright helped us to develop a new and improved website for our growing business.

The staff were both skilled in website development and attentive to our needs and we explored what we wanted.

Would certainly recommend it.

John McLaughlin, Project Manager, Upscale Carbon

The Challenge

Upscale Carbon needed a website to reflect its growing business. 

Offering a complex service that many farmers find ‘voodoo’ and overly complicated, Upscale Carbon knew they needed to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of agriculture and down-to-earth values all while explaining what they do clearly and how farmers can benefit.

The Solution


Working collaboratively with Upscale Carbon, CoBright developed the site’s content to clearly explain what carbon farming is and how farmers can benefit, while providing enough information to show the complexities and why they need professional assistance.

CoBright’s developers created a sleek site website design. Our team used icons, lists, and minimalistic design features to balance the complexity of the topic and present it clearly to the audience.

The site has subtle parallax and animation effects throughout to elevate the design.

The Outcome


Upscale Carbon now has an elevated website that reflects its brand: professional yet grounded and rooted in ag.

The Past Projects page enables Upscale Carbon to build trust by demonstrating its successes.

The website’s layout and content can be easily updated as the company continues to grow.

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