Whorl Ag

Darling Downs, Australia

Whorl Ag provides comprehensive agronomic coaching services specific to the landscape of their clients.

Whorl Ag came to CoBright to design and develop a new website that elevates their brand as professional agronomic consultants.

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The Challenge


Having built their previous website themselves, Whorl Ag understood they didn’t have the skills necessary to design and develop a website that professionally reflect their business. 

Whorl Ag realised their website was likely the first point of contact for their stakeholders and they needed a new website that elevated their brand to match the professional service they provide. 

While their new website would be getting a new design, Whorl Ag acknowledged the need for professionally curated content that reflected the new website while reflecting their values. 

The Solution


CoBright’s copywriter curated the website’s content to align with Whorl Ag’s values, while seamlessly incorporating SEO with detailed keyword research.  

CoBright commissioned professional photography to highlight their expertise as agronomic consultants.

CoBright’s specialists developed a design with earthy tones and organic shapes reinforcing Whorl Ag’s philosophy of working with nature.

The Outcome


Whorl Ag has a website that elevates their brand to reflect their expertise as an agronomic coaching service.

CoBright constructed a robust website that is easy for Whorl Ag to manage, add and remove content. 

This new website provides Whorl Ag with an online anchor point for their future marketing efforts. 

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