Toowoomba Together

Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba Together is a charity that works with community leaders, service providers, and specialists to address domestic and family violence (DFV) in the Toowoomba community.

Toowoomba Together had the platform and capabilities to engage with their target audience, but couldn’t work out the structure, so we simplified it to provide avenues for people experiencing DFV, people using violence, their various action groups, and other community members.

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The Challenge


Before coming to CoBright, Toowoomba Together had a website with outdated content that didn’t engage its key stakeholders; people experiencing DFV, those using violence in a relationship, and community members wanting to help Toowoomba Together’s mission.

After building their original website on their own—an overwhelming experience—Toowoomba Together’s new website needed a clear and concise website structure that was easy for users to navigate while providing relevant information for key stakeholders.

The site also needed to incorporate an avenue for community members to support Toowoomba Together’s mission through donations and sponsorship.

Having seen CoBright’s work with other community groups, Toowoomba Together knew CoBright would be the right web developer to help them supply educational material to recognise, respond and refer to situations of domestic and family violence (DFV).

The Solution


Recognising that this website needed to serve multiple purposes, CoBright developed a purpose-built site structure to provide information for all audiences.  

Working with Toowoomba Together, CoBright included additional elements in the site’s design, such as a quick exit button which allows users to quickly close the web page and open a blank Google page in its place. 

Based on Toowoomba Together’s model of Recognise, Respond, and Refer, CoBright’s content specialists curated the site’s content to provide information for users to identify various types of DFV, avenues of help, and how people can assist people facing DFV.

Additional elements were included in the site’s design such as a specialised contact form for interested parties to engage with Toowoomba Together; whether they want to be sponsors, volunteers,  or just want to keep informed of its latest developments. 

A donation platform was incorporated to allow people to donate directly to Toowoomba Together. 

The Outcome


Toowoomba Together now has a website that reflects the amazing work they have been doing in the local community since 2007. 

The new site provides a space for all its stakeholders to access the right information for their needs.

Users can now easily support Toowoomba Together's mission directly by encouraging them to join their newsletter, donate or get involved.

With updated, SEO-incorporated content, Toowoomba Together’s website is searchable on Google, opening up opportunities for future digital marketing efforts such as Google ads.


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