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Comtel is a telecommunications company that provides, installs and maintains secure and reliable phone, radio, data, and security systems across Australia since 1982.

CoBright partnered with Comtel to upgrade and develop a new website with professionally curated videography and photography to showcase their extensive capabilities and rich history as a family business.

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The Challenge

Comtel’s website was modest in comparison to its expansive staff, capabilities, experience, and expertise. Looking to show their family business’s history, capabilities, and portfolio of work, Comtel reached out to CoBright to build a new website, with professional photography and videography to put faces to the company.

The Solution

Through an initial consultation and interviews with Comtel’s founders, directors and managing staff, CoBright discovered that Comtel needed to bring attention to their point of difference; Comtel has the technical expertise, the experience and a full supply of critical spares in several locations to deliver end-to-end, custom information communication solutions, quickly.

Along with the capabilities and service offerings, Comtel has a rich 40+ year history as a family-owned and operated business from their head office in Toowoomba.

As complex as their service offerings are, the CoBright content specialists needed to deliver professional and easy-to-understand explanations of their services and solutions, whilst bringing a personal touch to the website.

We got to work creating a website design and concept that showcased their extensive services, experienced team and capabilities. And, as active members of the Toowoomba community, we knew that professional photography, videography and case studies of recognisable sites were essential to telling their story.

The Outcome

Partnering with Comtel’s directors, founders, managers and technicians, our designers and content specialists established Comtel’s tone of voice; professional, capable, personal and easy to understand.

Our designers incorporated many subtle graphic elements into the design, which included Morse code, animated radio waves, static and white-noise effects and an animated brand mark in the logo to reinforce Comtel’s Tower.

We incorporated professional photography and videography into the site to not only put real faces and names behind Comtel but to also demonstrate the scale and size of their capabilities.

Now, Comtel has a site that explains their technical capabilities, and cohesively explores their history and expansive services. CoBright continues to strategise with the Comtel team for their case studies and more.

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