Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland

Toowoomba, Queensland

The Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland is the steward of the Toowoomba Showgrounds and hosts the Heritage Bank Royal Toowoomba Show along with other events.

The RASQ was looking for a new website for the Toowoomba Show, but CoBright went beyond and highlighted their business as an event centre as a whole.

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The Challenge

The RASQ were looking for a new website for the Toowoomba Show which CoBright saw an opportunity to highlight their other services. The challenge for the site was to showcase the showgrounds as an event centre rather than just the home for the annual show.

The Solution

Through interviewing the RASQ, the CoBright team understood their business was more than hosting the Toowoomba Show. They host an array of events all year round, have a caravan park for travellers to use, and event venues to hire.

With this understanding of the RASQ’s business, CoBright built additional landing pages for upcoming events, venues, caravans and more.

While rebuilding the site, CoBright seized the opportunity to organise a Google business listing for the RASQ’s caravan park to direct online traffic to the new site.

The Outcome

Building the new caravan landing pages and Google business listing, CoBright has been able to improve the RASQ’s website search engine optimisation and business for their caravan park.

The increased digital traffic from the Google business listing has seen the following improvements the RASQ’s caravan park alone:

  • A 375% increase in revenue over five years.
  • Around 18,500 visitors for the caravan park website over 12 months.
  • RASQ received about 2300 calls directly from the Google business listing over 6 months.

By taking the time to understand their business, CoBright was able to construct a website that serves the RASQ all year round.

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