Vantage BMS

Queensland, Western Australia

Agribusiness, Industrial

Combine three separate brands and domains into a single, segmented website which allowed each brand to be found by it’s target audience

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The CoBright team were—and continue to be—an excellent partner to work with. Their team has been very responsive to our requirements throughout the development of our new website and at every step along the way. 

Mark Forrest, Vantage BMS, Marketing Director

The Challenge

Vantage came to CoBright with three separate brands (BMS, Vantage, and Vantage WA) and accompanying websites for each business.

As Australia’s largest distributor of Trimble (a global brand) precision agricultural and construction technology, Vantage BMS’s multiple businesses were targeting two very different audiences.

With active audiences in both the agricultural sector and the construction industry, Vantage’s challenge for us was to re-house three websites into the same location, without surrendering the individual content and theme of each brand. 

The Solution

We created a single website with two branches of content, each one featuring a different theme and branding to make sure it was easily recognised by customers.

As a result, the three websites were merged successfully. Each brand is served by its own domain, with the old domain also redirecting automatically to take customers to the new website.


With carefully thought-out menu options and landing pages, we were able to maintain a clear distinction between the construction and agricultural aspects of the business.

CoBright designed the ability to create effective campaign-based landing pages into the website template to enable Vantage to anchor future marketing efforts.

We also created a location page for each of their locations to assist with SEO and provide a landing page to anchor local promotions.

We simplified Vantage’s digital presence and ensured that they were able to stay connected with their customer base through a powerful, curated digital touchpoint.

The Outcome

The content and branding of the three previous websites is now seamlessly incorporated into one site with each branch maintaining its identity within the new Vantage BMS website.

The website is now more conducive for generating enquiries and anchors a comprehensive traditional and digital marketing program with tracking in place to measure campaign ROI.

  • Pre-launch of new website - approximately 1600 visitors a month
  • Post-launch - close to 10 000 visitors a month with the support of google ads campaigns
  • Web traffic has increased 625% since the launch of the new website and digital marketing campaigns
  • 780% increase in conversion actions since website launched
  • 54% of web traffic is now driven by google ads

In addition to guiding us through the implementation process, CoBright continues to educate us on our current results and guide us on how to maximise our SEO. Their team understands the importance of our brand image and our customer service based approach, which you can see reflected in the design and content of the new website. 

They understand the importance of marketing to promote website success and have explained the process at every step of the way. We can see the leads that we are generating through our new website and can instantly see the benefits of working with CoBright. Vantage appreciates CoBright’s professionalism and is excited to see where this relationship takes us.

Mark Forrest, Vantage BMS, Marketing Director

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