Feral Fencing

Toowoomba, Australia

Feral Fencing provides landowners with a cost-effective and efficient way to install wire fences using its unique, mechanised fencing system.

Feral Fencing commissioned CoBright to design and build a new website that elevated its brand and is easy to manage.

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The Challenge

Understanding that their website is the anchor for their marketing efforts, Feral Fencing realised their previous website had too much content that was unappealing to users.

Feral Fencing recognised the website’s layout was not optimised for the user experience with users having to scroll through large bodies of text to get to their contact information.

Their new website needed to clearly explain Feral Fencing’s services, its mechanised fencing system, and previous projects while being easy for users to navigate. 

The Solution

Working with Feral Fencing, CoBright’s copywriters refined the content from their previous website to a consistent message while reducing unnecessary content.

CoBright included video footage of the mechanised-fencing system and a case study of a previous project to show users Feral Fencing’s capabilities.

CoBright’s team developed a neat layout to lead people to learn more about Feral Fencing’s services and to contact Feral Fencing.

The Outcome

CoBright developed a website that resonates with Feral Fencing’s audience of rural landowners while elevating its brand.

With a refined layout, the new Feral Fencing website clearly shows the capability of their machines while encouraging users to contact them.

Feral Fencing now has a website that elevates its brand while providing an anchor point for future marketing efforts.

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