Waterskiers Warehouse

Toowoomba, Queensland

eCommerce, Retail - Water Ski & Wake Boats, Outboard Motors & Watersports Equipment

Waterskiers Warehouse had outgrown their current website and came to CoBright for help organising products to simplify customer search and experience while shopping online.

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The Challenge

Waterskiers Warehouse came to us with an overwhelming amount of categories and products, which had become hard to manage on their current website due to its limited ecommerce capabilities.

Having outgrown their original design, our client was seeking an upgrade which would ultimately make their customers' online shopping experience straightforward and successful.

The challenge was to find a simple, consistent structure which would assist customers in searching and refining the large collection of products down to a few options which suited their specific needs.

The Solution

Our team got to work by identifying the most important factors influencing customer decisions while using the online store. These factors included:

  • Brand
  • Product Type
  • Suited For
  • Skill Level
  • Price

These attributes were carefully organised to create a filtering system that narrowed down a huge product list to just a few options for each customer. By adding these filters onto the website’s shopfront, customers could easily find what products best suited their needs and preferences within a few clicks.

With the new filters in place, we then moved onto upgrading the visual design of the website. Our fully customisable template enabled Water Skiers Warehouse to position themselves as a distinct and recognisable brand.


The new website isn’t just a pretty face - it effectively organises the broad product range into a clear, accessible online store for customers.

It provides a landing point to which we can anchor digital marketing campaigns, increasing website traffic and enquiries.

Importantly, it allows the business to effectively reach and service customers Australia-wide, who may not be able to visit the brick-and-mortar store.

The Outcome

Waterskiers Warehouse now provides a good example of what a highly customised ecommerce store can accomplish in the right hands.

Incorporating tailored content, thoughtful design choices, and logically structured site mapping, we provided our client with a digital, mobile-friendly tool that leverages thousands of visitors each week.

This website, complemented by digital marketing (Google and Facebook ads), seasonal pop-up offers, and strategic email marketing, is now a powerful asset to the Water Skiers Warehouse business model.

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