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Alvan Blanch Australia offers customised grain conveyors & elevators for enhanced productivity & reliability in agricultural drying & storage operations.

Alvan Blanch’s website wasn't generating enough customer enquiries. To improve this, they collaborated with CoBright to create a website where potential customers could explore their available products & services.

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The Challenge


With an unsuccessful landing page failing to interest customers and lacking effective content to sell their systems, Alvan Blanch saw the need for a comprehensive overhaul.

Looking to maximise their marketing efforts, the first step was to revamp their existing website. By enhancing the website's design, content, and functionality, Alvan Blanch aimed to create a more engaging and resourceful platform to better capture customer interest and effectively showcase their systems. 

This foundational step was crucial before allocating the budget towards broader marketing initiatives.

The Solution


Alvan Blanch partnered with CoBright to create a cutting-edge website that integrates detailed content highlighting the brand’s services and products in a cohesive manner tailored to their target audience. 

Our Content Writers focused on strategically embedding relevant Google keywords throughout the website content. 

This optimisation not only enhances search engine visibility but also aims to actively engage potential customers, ensuring that the website serves as an effective tool for attracting and converting visitors into clients.

The Outcome


Alvan Blanch now has an upgraded website with dynamic animation elements showcasing the drying process, complemented by rewritten content that provides clear context about their systems and services.

The addition of animations enhanced the website's premium and memorable appeal.  

The project section highlights various initiatives, strategically selecting headings for case studies to enhance SEO on Google searches. This also provides customers with examples of other projects they undertake. 

The website is now robust enough to handle more aggressive strategies and perform effectively.

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