Full Scale Metal Traders

Gatton, Australia

Based in Gatton, Full Scale Metal Traders serve the Lockyer Valley, Somerset, and Darling Downs regions. They collaborate with various trades, automotive, energy, and infrastructure industries to recycle second-hand metals for cash.

Full Scale had a basic website lacking quality content and SEO. They partnered with CoBright to create a new website design featuring animation and prioritising user-friendly navigation. This redesign aimed to effectively convey essential information about Full Scale, including their identity, services, locations, and operational details.

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The Challenge


Full Scale Metal Traders recognised their existing basic website wasn’t meeting their SEO standards and failing to address customer needs comprehensively.

Understanding these deficiencies prompted them to seek a website overhaul to better meet these informational needs and improve their online presence.

The Solution


Our Copywriters diligently crafted content that addressed customers’ key enquiries:

  • What they trade: Clear descriptions of the materials that Full Scale deals in, detailing their range and specifications. 
  • Who do they trade with: Information on their target clientele, including industries or types of businesses they typically engage with. 
  • How they trade: Explanation of their trading processes, whether it involves buying, selling, recycling, or other methods pertinent to their operations. 
  • Where to trade: Details on their physical location or regions they serve, ensuring potential customers know where they can access their services.

The Outcome


With a focus on user preferences, Full Scale Metal Traders is now positioned to engage and attract customer enquiries.

The dedicated location pages for improved SEO enhance their visibility on search engines like Google, as users can easily find them using regional keywords.

The website redesign incorporates subtle yet impactful animation details. These include animtated elements in the logo and the incorporation of metal textures and screw motifs throughout the site.

These touches add a personalised feel and reinforce the company's identity in the metal trading industry, making the website visually engaging and memorable.

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