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Hygienic wall protection solutions for healthcare & hospitality facilities across Australia.

CoBright partnered with Inteviron to upgrade and develop a new website to showcase their products and past projects to use as part of presentations and proposals for building tenders of healthcare and hospitality facilities.

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The Challenge

With an existing website featuring a confusing and convoluted website structure, Inteviron were looking to upgrade their website and display their products in a streamlined manner.

As stock imagery featured heavily on their existing website, Inteviron were wanting to showcase real products and projects to appeal to their target markets: architects and building project directors for medical and hospitality facilities.

The Solution

Following an initial consultation, CoBright developed a site that would act as a shopfront for Inteviron, featuring previous projects and a simplified product range to demonstrate who Inteviron is, the industries they serve and the benefits of their solutions.

Our website design and development concept needed to incorporate professional and concise copy and imagery and incorporated a clean and simple layout, reflective of Inteviron’s brand.

The Outcome

After establishing a target market and uncovering Inteviron’s unique value proposition, our content specialists and designers worked together to create a website that is simple, easy to navigate and professional.  

Speaking to the industries that Inteviron partners with, we created dedicated pages for the healthcare and hospitality industries. This allows architects and building designers in these industries to easily find a hygienic wall cladding solution that works for their facility.

Building on this, we created a ‘Past Projects’ section on the new website to showcase previous facilities Inteviron has supplied their solutions for. Not only does this show proof of an extensive body of work, but also boosts SEO (learn how!).

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