Vision BI

Gold Coast, Australia

Microsoft Power BI dashboard and business intelligence consultants.

Vision BI came to CoBright to design a website to uniquely showcase their BI solutions in a personalised and simple way.

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Big thanks to the CoBright team.

Was a pleasure to work with you on this project!

Matthew Dodds, Director, Vision BI

The Challenge

A relatively new brand, Vision BI had an existing website that was generic, poorly laid out, had broken buttons, and didn’t speak to the brand.

Aware that most other BI companies focus heavily on the IT implementation process, Vision BI wanted to showcase their unique value: how they use their accounting, BI, and engineering capabilities to actively understand businesses’ requirements to recommend the best solution, not simply implement what they’re told.

With this, the new website needed to have a personal look and feel that stood out from other IT companies.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with Vision BI, CoBright developed the site’s content to highlight their collaborative approach and unique value.

The 3 simple point-of-entries on the homepage clearly outline their services and enable users to easily understand Vision BI’s value to their industry.

The Past Projects page enables users to clearly see how Vision BI’s offering is useful to their business while also improving SEO.

To highlight the brands’ personal and collaborative feel, we organised professional brand videography and photography—making the business stand out in an IT-dominated industry.

Our designers also incorporated bold colours, animations, and curved design elements to align with Vision BI’s approachable feel.

The Outcome

Vision BI now has an elevated website that reflects its brand. The website’s layout is clear and concise while showcasing friendly faces—speaking to Vision BI’s point of difference.

The site is used to anchor sales efforts and can expand with them as they grow into the future.

Vision BI continues to work with CoBright for their Digital Marketing efforts.

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