Vital Image Graphics

Toowoomba, Australia

Vital Image Graphics designs and manufactures industrial decals and labels, engravings, small signage for various  industries around Australia


Vital Image Graphics came to CoBright to develop a website that showed the calibre of their work as expert designers and manufacturers of quality decals, labels, engravings and signs.

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We love our new website!!!

We were keen to support a local company for our website build and have absolutely no regrets in giving CoBright the job. They were very professional, creative, and patient with explaining the technical side of things and have given us a fresh new look that we can be proud of.

Jo & Scott Anderson, Vital Image Graphics

The Challenge


With an outdated website, Vital Image Graphics were after a website that highlighted its experience and expertise working with prominent clients they have over the past 20 years. 

Vital Image Graphics wanted their new website to be safe and secure, requiring it to be hosted on a powerful hosting platform to provide the support they required.

The Solution


Working with Vital Image Graphics, CoBright shaped the website’s content to showcase their expertise by highlighting their 20 years of experience with customer testimonials and photography of past projects. 

CoBright created a page dedicated to the industries Vital Image Graphics works to help users understand its capabilities. Other additional features such as a customer testimonials were included to reinforce the quality of its services.

To assist with the website’s SEO capabilities,  CoBright created product pages for each of their services for decals and labels, engravings, and small signage.

CoBright designers updated Vital Image Graphics’s logo to make it more modern while also providing the theme for the new site’s design. To bring the website to life, CoBright’s team incorporated visual elements that aligned with the updated logo and Vital Image Graphics’ work such as 

  • CTAs featuring eyelets similar to printed signs. 

  • Hover effects on buttons to add a dynamic element.

  • Incorporating design lines into headings to reinforce the theme of Vital Image Graphics’s work.

The Outcome


Vital Image Graphics now has an elevated website that updates its brand and is secure with CoBright’s Cloud infrastructure, assuring the website is secure and supported.  

With its new SEO-optimised content, Vital Image Graphics' new site is searchable on Google and can also be used for Google ads, opening future possibilities for digital marketing. 

Now with a clean and concise layout, Vital Image Graphics now has a simple but elegant website that they can easily manage, giving them the tools to adjust its website’s content in the future. 

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