Col Wilkie Body Works

Toowoomba, Queensland

Col Wilkie Body Works provides high quality smash repairs, spray painting, body works and panel beating.

CoBright built a clear and concise website for Col Wilkie that provided users with relevant information and simplified the steps for lodging claims.

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The Challenge

Commissioning a panel beater for smash repairs can be a stressful process. Col Wilkie was looking for a website that was easy to understand while highlighting their trusted background in the industry. The new website needed to simply and clearly tell users why they can trust Col Wilkie with their repairs.

The Solution

CoBright’s multi-skilled team rebuilt the website, redesigning the look and content, making it more accessible for users. In the site’s redesign, interactive graphics were created to simply explain the steps to lodging a claim and booking in your vehicle for repairs. Before and after graphic sliders were implemented.

Col Wilkie is a family business with genuinely nice people to deal with. Using team cards and explaining who you will be dealing with at each stage of the process was a good way to introduce the team members to potential clients. The content curated on the new website was organised in an easy-to-navigate manner to allow users quickly find the information they are looking for.


CoBright redesigned the website, implementing an easy-to-use product finder to help users navigate Riverina’s broad catalogue.

Content curated for the website was done in reference to Riverina’s UVP , making it more relatable with key stakeholders.

The Outcome

The new features on the website clearly and concisely tell users how easy it is for them to access services and what the results will be. Content curated by CoBright’s specialists personalised the Col Wilkie team and their work, making it easier for users to understand the process of going to a panel beater.

After designing the new website, Col Wilkie commissioned CoBright for its online marketing efforts. The CoBright team conducted several Google ad campaigns to drive more traffic to the site. The online marketing CoBright conducted for Col Wilkie saw an increase of 10.7% to their click-through rate, showing increased engagement with their online advertising efforts.

With thoughtful design, CoBright created a website that conveys the trusted brand that the Col Wilkie team have built over the past 50 years.

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