Control Unlimited

Toowoomba, Queensland

Control Unlimited designs, builds and sells unique grain aeration and handling equipment and systems.

Control Unlimited commissioned CoBright for a custom-designed website that reflected their business, process and products.

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The Challenge

While Control Unlimited are based in Toowoomba, their services have spanned over five states and they realised they needed their website to anchor themselves online. They understood that with a new website, Control Unlimited would be able to improve their search engine optimisation and in-turn increase business inquiries.

Control Unlimited’s former site had a lot of technical content which CoBright recognised didn’t help their standing with the Google search algorithm.

The Solution

Developing the new site, CoBright built a new website with a custom template for Control Unlimited to showcase their products and allow them to easily manage their online catalogue.

CoBright’s skilled team curated the site’s content to be accessible for users while still containing the technical information about Control Unlimited’s services. CoBright incorporated additional elements into the design such as an interactive graphic explaining their process and call to action buttons on each page to direct online traffic,while also building a map graphic to demonstrate their coverage around Australia.

Additionally, CoBright built a case studies page to show users their past accomplishments while driving their search engine optimisation.

The Outcome

Now with their custom template website, Control Unlimited can now easily manage their catalogue. CoBright’s designed template allows them to easily upload new products without the fear of losing the site’s format.

CoBright created a landing page for Control Unlimited’s case studies to show previous accomplishments and improve their search engine optimisation with organic content.

Other elements incorporated into the site assists the user experience such as a sliding graphic that clearly explains Control Unlimited’s process or call to action buttons on each page to drive users to contact them.

Control Unlimited’s new website design is a great example of CoBright’s capabilities of designing custom template websites to match their client’s needs.

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