Western Traders 87

Crowley Vale, Queensland

Western Trader 87 is a dealer and online auctioneer of used trucks, semi-trailers, low loaders, and a vast range of Ag equipment and heavy machinery.

Western Trader 87 came to CoBright looking for a custom built website that was integrated with AssetEx (Dealer Management System) and an online auction capability which would be supported by digital marketing to continually drive traffic & auction registrations.

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The Challenge

Before coming to CoBright, Western Traders 87 was using the AssetEx dealer management system but with no integration to their website were loading each of their listings to the site manually.

They were also looking to adopt an online auction platform but realised using third-party auction platforms provided limited access to bidder data restricting their ability to grow a client database.

Western Traders wanted their own platform to conduct online auctions giving them their own database to enhance their marketing efforts. Their own platform would also give them the flexibility to refine the features to suit their own processes rather than being locked in to the standard features of an ‘off the shelf  system.

The Solution

Our team rebuilt the Western Traders 87 website, integrating AssetEx to the new site to allow direct and automatic feed of listings, avoiding double handling of information.

While rebuilding the new website, CoBright recommended & developed a customised auction system instead of a software as a service or off the shelf option. This provides Western Traders 87 their own database of bidder data that was previously unavailable from third-party retail websites.

A feature of Western Traders’ new website is the ability to generate professional PDFs from all the listings on the site which can be printed or emailed to potential buyers during remarketing efforts.


CoBright also manages Western Traders’ digital marketing and email marketing system to generate traffic for their listings. The digital marketing strategy includes Facebook and Google remarketing to let new and previous bidders know about new auctions and keep them coming back to the site.

We meet with Western Traders monthly to assess and match key words to the stock available at the time and make sure they are getting the best value from their marketing efforts ad spend.

The Outcome

Now with their own online auction system, Western Traders has their own bidder database of over 20,000 registered bidders, which gives them greater control over their future marketing efforts.

With the new website directly integrated with AssetEx, Western Traders’ management of listing information is more streamlined and less labour intensive.

CoBright helped Western Traders run a Facebook campaign designed to increase the number of account registrations so they had a larger audience to market their auctions to each month. Currently Western Traders have 40K followers on their Facebook page.

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