Greenridge Group

Toowoomba, Queensland

Greenridge Group is a collection of commercial printing companies, specialising in a variety of promotional and business printing services.

Greenridge Group came to CoBright to commission a website that reflected the breadth of their services and their position in the top 4 of commercial printers in Australia.

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The Challenge

Greenridge Group is one of the largest printing companies in Australia, consisting of several printing businesses. Managing multiple printing businesses under Greenridge Press, Cranbrook Press, Creed & Lang, Ultraprint and Westminster Printing, they realised they needed a new website that served their needs.

The Solution

Building a new website for the Greenridge Group, CoBright commissioned professional videographers for content that was embedded into the new site. Video footage was embedded in the homepage to showcase the scope of their work and the capabilities.


CoBright’s designers incorporated unique graphics such as scrollytelling graphic to the website that creatively shows the breadth of Greenridge’s services.

Call to action buttons encouraging users to request an estimate were added at the end of each page to organically encourage users to engage with Greenridge Group.

The Outcome

Now Greenridge Group has a website that creatively represents their history and position as one of Australia’s leading printers. CoBright’s creative web design shows users what they can expect when they work with Greenridge Group.

The rebuild was completed with a clear design at the forefront, to make it easy for users to navigate. The call to action buttons added to the website’s pages now provide another avenue for customers to engage with Greenridge Group.

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