CoBright have been valued sponsors of Toowoomba's Christmas Wonderland for more than 12 years. Our latest website is exciting when people visit it with amazing graphics, easy to operate and filled with information. On behalf of the Lions Club of Toowoomba West Inc, we couldn't be happier and sincerely thank all CoBright staff and management for their input, commitment and continued support.

Derek Tuffield, former CEO of Lifeline Darling Downs

Lions Club of Toowoomba West

Toowoomba, Queensland

Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland is an annual Christmas light display that is coordinated by the Lions Club of Toowoomba West, raising money for Toowoomba NGOs and charities.

As long-term sponsors, CoBright donated their time to design and build a new website for the event, streamlining processes for the Lions Club.

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The Challenge

The challenge was to give site visitors a feel for the fantastic experience they can have at Christmas Wonderland. Ticketing and managing volunteers were managed by pen-and-paper, making it a labour intensive process.

The Solution

Building the new website, the CoBright team embedded drone footage of Christmas Wonderland on the homepage to show users what they can expect when they open the page.


CoBright took the opportunity to integrate new features to the site to assist the Lions Club in managing the event. Online portals were created, with one for users to directly donate to the fundraiser and another for volunteers to sign up.

The Outcome

The new Toowoomba’s Christmas Wonderland website shows users the fantastic experience they can expect with the embedded video loop playing on both desktop and mobile web browsers.

Adding the volunteer and donation portals now allow users to interact with the fundraising efforts directly, streamlining laborious pen-to-paper processes for the Lions Club. The new interactive entertainment schedule allows website users to see when and where acts are scheduled to perform, allowing users to plan which night to attend.

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