Jane & Henry

Toowoomba, Queensland

Jane & Henry are a buyers agency that sources properties for prospective owners to purchase or invest in.

Jane & Henry came to CoBright looking for a new website that reflected the professional service they provide.

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The Challenge

Jane & Henry realised their pre-existing website needed to be redesigned to increase their web presence and online marketing. The new website needed a modern design that clearly explained the process and the experience of commissioning a buyers agent.

The Solution

Marketing a professional service is only as strong as the person who runs it, so highlighting the people that make up the business is key.


Understanding this, CoBright organised a professional videographer to capture footage of Jane & Henry’s Principle, David, at work as well as a short video introducing himself, the business, and a few of his clients. These video materials were incorporated into the new site’s homepage as an effective way to show the brand.

CoBright constructed pages highlighting client testimonials, past purchases, and a ‘our process’ graphic explaining the process for those unfamiliar with dealing with a buyers agent.

The Outcome

Incorporating video imagery into the new site’s home page gives users a positive first impression of Jane & Henry before they contact them. CoBright also gave the Jane & Henry logo a refresh to reflect the sleek, modern style of the new website.

The content CoBright’s team produced concisely explains Jane & Henry’s past accomplishments and what it’s like to work with them while boosting their web presence with Google.

Jane & Henry’s ‘Past Projects’ site functionality enables David to highlight his previous work while boosting the website’s SEO and Google ranking. With thoughtful web design from CoBright, Jane & Henry now have a website that reflects the professional service users can expect.

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