Workwear Discounts

Toowoomba and Townsville, Queensland

Digital Growth Strategy: pay per click advertising

Workwear Discounts is Australia’s largest online retailer for quality workwear including Bisley Workwear, FXD, Steel Blue and Unit with stores in Toowoomba and Townsville.

They came to CoBright to better understand pay per click advertising, to make their online marketing efforts more effective.

The Challenge

Before coming to CoBright, Workwear Discounts didn’t have a full understanding of how pay per click advertising worked or their return on investment (ROI) on their campaign spend because the previous agency they were working with failed to configure their account to be able to measure sales generated from ads.

Workwear Discounts weren’t sure if their online advertising campaigns were reaching their potential, and their team had no insights into what their online spending was delivering in terms of sales.

We were originally working with a big, corporate company on our digital marketing campaigns that had different people spread across a lot of our accounts. Every month we received a report that showed improvements, but we were unclear in what areas, and these paper results were not reflected in leads and sales in store.

We did not have a dedicated Account Manager or anyone able to explain the results, numbers, return-on-investment and suggest improvements. In a nutshell, we knew we had to be present online but did not know how to do this, that’s when we came across CoBright.

Michael Rust, Corporate Manager 

The Solution

The first steps CoBright took in rebuilding Workwear Discounts’ pay-per-click advertising campaigns included: reviewing their strategy and rewriting their website content to better anchor and relate to the Google ads


Following the review, we set up conversion tracking linking Workwear Discounts’ online shopping cart to their Google ads account. The conversion tracking that we established allows us to measure the return on ad spend (ROAS) of each campaign showing online sales in $s generated against their ad spend.

Information collected through conversion tracking was able to inform Workwear Discounts what they were getting for their money and allow them to make an informed decision to invest more into their digital marketing

The Outcome

Now having better insight and measurement of their online advertising campaigns, Workwear Discounts is now more confident using Google ads because they know their return on ad spend (ROAS).

Having this data allows Workwear Discounts to make more informed decisions with their ad campaigns. This has in turn led to more sales and a much higher return on investment and less reliance on expensive TV advertising.

Some of their advertising stats include:

  • Online sales revenue increased by 220%
  • 1381% ROI – for every $1 they spend on ads, they make $13.81 in sales 
  • Search campaigns click through rate (CTR) of over 12% - this means 12% of all people who see their ad click through to their website 
  • 45% of all website traffic comes from Google ads, compared to 26% previously
  • 48% of online revenue is attributed to digital marketing 
  • They have consistently reduced their cost per click – when we started working with them it was at $1.43 and now it is at $0.70
  • Their digital marketing campaigns deliver a higher conversion rate than their organic traffic – currently at 5.1%.


The Workwear Discounts team now feels confident that they’re gaining an excellent return on their investment. They also trust that the decisions we make are always in the interest of growing their business and brand. This is reflected and proven through data - a huge increase in leads and sales.


CoBright provided in-depth feedback and explained what the numbers in our reports meant - what increases or decreases meant and what to do to further improve results. CoBright explained that if we wanted to make more, we had to invest more and that is not paying CoBright more but more budgets in the ads to put our best foot forward.

As soon as we started working with CoBright, the quality scores of our ads increased from 5 to 8+. Not only that but we grew to understand how everything worked together - the keywords with the ads and content on the linked landing pages, as well as audiences we showed our ads to

Michael Rust, Corporate Manager 

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